Reconstruction of 9th Fairway Bunker

As part of our ongoing winter maintenance projects we took the decision to re-construct the left hand side fairway bunker on Hole 9. The previous bunkers revetted face had began to deteriorate, so while is was essential that we re-constructed the bunker we also chose to change the shape and build it up slightly so that it is now clearly visible from the fairway.

The old bunker face was removed and a new pot bunker has been added which will now gather errant shots played towards the par 5 ninth green. The revetted face has been built with turf from our turf nursery and the surrounding area has been turfed with fescue to match the surrounding area. Fresh sand will be added before the bunker is taken back into play ready for the upcoming season.

As you can see from the pictures below the new bunker gives the hole much more definition and is more “links like” fitting in with our plan to restore some of the original “links like” characteristics of the course.

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